Student Registration – Part Time

Applications for Part Time study is open from 1 June – 30 July 2018


A.  Download Application Form
B.  Download Declaration Form
C.  Complete Registration Form Sections 1-5:

  • Section 1 – Student basic details
  • Section 2 – Upload certified documents (Scan all to one file)
  • Section 3 – Upload Application Form and Declaration Form
  • Section 4 – Agreement
  • Section 5 – Declaration

A.  Online Application Form instructions:

B.  Declaration Form instructions

C.  Online Registration Form

1) Student Details


2) Certified Documents

  • All documents must be certified and in any of these formats: png, jpg, pdf, docx, doc, zip & rar

3) Online Application & Declaration Confirmation



  • I undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the College and Campus. I agree to pay the tuition fees and that no deviation of this agreement will be permitted, unless through death or incapacity (in which case medical proof to the satisfaction of the College will be required.)
    No part of the fee shall be refundable if I am/my child/my ward is unable to complete the learning programme for which I am/he/she is registered.

    I hereby also indemnify the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHED and the Esayidi TVET College for any losses or damage to my property or person during any College function or activities inside or outside the College grounds.

    Any legal cost entered into due to this agreement will be to my own cost.

    Textbooks for each subject must be returned on the day of the exam.

    Students who attend less than 80% of their lectures per term will be de-registered and will not be given any refunds and will also be disqualified from obtaining a bursary and writing the final examinations. Students are expected to make all doctors/dentists appointments in the afternoons.

    NC(V) students must comply with the sub-minimum in the ICASS and ISAT components in order to be resulted.
    The sub-minimum for ICASS & ISAT in the NC(V) subjects are as follows:
    • All Vocational subjects (50%)
    • Life Orientation & English 1st Additional Language (40%)
    • Mathematics & Maths Literacy (30%)

    Students who do not qualify for the bursary or have not applied for the bursary must pay their tuition fees in full before they will be allowed into the classroom for tuition.


  • I hereby apply for admission to the College and solemnly, declare that I will observe all the rules of the College and those that may, from time to time, be made.Failure to obey these rules may render me liable for disciplinary action. I also agree to perform such duties as may be required of me by the College. I specifically declare that i am a person of sober habits and that i will not use intoxicating substances on the premises.

    I also exempt the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and Esayidi TVET College from any liability in the event of loss or injury sustained by me during the period of my training and/or while on a field trip. I exempt any authorized driver from any responsibility in case of an accident.

    I acknowledge that fees shall not be refundable if I do not complete the learning programme, unless the College cancels the course.
    Any deviation from the fee agreement will result in suspension from classes and the exam department will be advised.
    I understand that I will not be allowed to register at any other ESAYIDI campus for any course while i am registered at Port Shepstone Campus.

    The right of admission is reserved by ESAYIDI TVET College.

    This Agreement was explained to me and I understand the contents thereof.

    This is to confirm that I have read and understood the College procedures and rules.